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Package from Skin18 – Reviews and First Impressions!

Hello everyone! Today I’m here with five reviews – all skin care. The package was sent to me by (which has some amazing Korean skin care products), and I was very excited to try them all and share the results with you guys!
Here are the five sachets I got. Three sheet masks, a pair of eye patches and a nose strip. Read below my thoughts on all of them.


Snail Repairing Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask – 4 Season

This Anti-wrinkle functional sheet mask contains snail secretion filtrate that regenerates healthy skin appearance while giving elasticity to skin and supplying moisture and nutrition.


My Thoughts:
It comes in a really chic looking matte sachet. The sheet mask is folded inside, which I had a little hard time unwrapping, but I figured it out. The mask was dripping wet and sticky when applied to the face. It has a lot of essence and there was some left after I pulled out the sheet so it can be used on other areas of the body. I couldn’t quite figure out what it smelled like, but it leaned more towards chemical like scent, but in a very clean and perfume-y way. The disappears after a few moments.

After the mask was applied to the face, I couldn’t really tell if it would work or not. It kept slipping but to a very minimum extent (still better than a lot of sheet masks). After a few moments it stayed exactly where it was placed. After 10 minutes I felt it working seeing how it wasn’t that dripping wet anymore (since the moisture was probably absorbed into the skin). I felt my skin really going through under a process under the sheet. It’s a different feeling when a mask seems to be working, one can just feel it on their skin.

After 30 minutes, I removed the sheet. My skin felt tight and firmer and it was moisturized and felt a little sticky (probably because of the Glycerin). The direction was to massage the remaining essence onto the skin and so I did. My face felt cold and supple.

I actually really enjoyed this product. It worked for me.

I don’t know about the wrinkles (since I’m 20 years old), but the mask really did help firming my face, and I saw the results almost instantly. Of course, with regular use I would see greater difference, but even with one time use I did find myself enjoying the product and realizing that I need more of that in my life!

Rating: 4.8/5 STARS.
-.2 for the scent and the sheet slightly slipping. Other than that, I think I will purchase this mask for another use. I believe this would work great before applying makeup. It makes the skin look great!

The Animalian Mask (Fox) – Royal Skin

Happy Hour with Royal Skin character mask skin is made so moist and vitalized.


My Thoughts: Pause for a moment, and just take a good look at the mask. Do it! I’m waiting.
Isn’t this one of the coolest sheet masks ever? As I wore it, my little cousin kept on calling me, “Meow” and kept poking me with his finger. He was happy to see his sister looking like a crazy animal, and he just couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that it was just a mask. That was cool, but, moving on…
This is good mask and we see results instantly just like any other mask they’ve sent me. The texture of the sheet was a bit rougher (very slightly) than the last one I used and it felt paper-like on the skin (but to a minimum extent). It did keep on slipping but was soon stuck to the skin. And just as the other mask, this was very rich and full of essence. The leftover essence in the sachet, I applied to my hands.
I personally believe that it’s a good mask for refreshing your skin. It cools down the skin and relaxes it. It clears the skin, but it’s not over the top, crazy, life changing sheet mask. I would say it is more towards the fun side, but it does work, just not the same as the other masks I’ve tried.
One amazing thing I noticed about this sheet mask is that it leaves the skin looking luminous and fresh! Oh, and the color didn’t transfer onto my skin.

I recommend this to all.
Rating: 4.5/5 stars.

Fresh Fruit Green Tea Real Natural Mask Pack – Mirum


This mask was the one I was most excited to try out, don’t ask me why, and this was the last one I tried. It was, like any other mask I tried, full of essence and very rich. It smelled like green tea and other herbs, and screamed “nature”.
Among all the sheet masks I’ve tried this was the one that stuck to my face most securely. It didn’t budge at all and made my skin feel refreshed.
When I took the mask off after 20 minutes, I rubbed the remaining essence onto my skin. My skin felt renewed and hydrated, and very freshened and cooled down.
The only drawback to this mask was that as put it on, my face started stinging. It was in the slightest bit, but it was there. That was the only thing that bothered me. Other than that, I think like all the masks I’ve tried from Skin18 are of super quality and I plan on ordering more from them!

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Mugwort Nose Strip – Luke


This comes in a really cute and chic packaging and contains one nose strip for one time use. You have to start with cleansed face and wet nose (because the strip won’t stick to the dry skin). The nose strip is secured on to a hard plastic sheet that restrains it from getting messed up. It smells like (and I’m going to be honest) chemicals and perfume-y. Not strong enough to make you feel dizzy, but it does smell like ingredients that would work. It is actually a pleasant scent but it disappears in a few moments. The shape fits nicely on to the wet nose. It gets slimy and sticky under the strip. After 20 minutes, it dried and became hard. . Upon peeling it off, I found my nose 90% clean. The blackheads were removed and the pores actually looked smaller. I couldn’t really tell the difference myself, but my sister in law said how amazing the product is to easily removed all the junk from the nose. I think it’s a great product if you hate the tools used to remove blackheads during the facial (because it hurts like hell). This will gently remove the blackheads and dirt if properly used. Two nose strips will give you a completely clean nose.

I recommend it to everyone!
Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars!

Vitamin Hydrogel Eye Patch – Luke


The sachet contains two eye patches for one time use. You have to start with a fresh face. The packaging is nice. It is secured on to a plastic sheet that protects it from losing it’s essence. The scent isn’t too strong, just a light aroma of the essence.
Now, on to the result. The eye patches applied like a dream. They were sticky and felt great on my skin. They stuck to my under eyes very securely, and felt comfortable and relaxing. My eyes cooled down almost instantly and all I wanted to do was go to sleep and just let it work its magic.
It worked, you guys! It made my eyes feel good. I actually saw a slight difference in my dark circles and the under eye area felt absolutely ready for makeup. Regular use can free the under eye area from all the imperfections, because only one time use of this product has my under eye feeling rejuvenated.
I would buy these to use before every makeup application. I think I’m going to stock up on these to use them on my brides so that their under eyes relax when I’m doing their eye makeup before the base, and so it catches all the fall out as well. I’ve become a fan of this product and I recommend it to all!

Rating: 5/5 stars!

That is it for today! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you would like to check out any of the products make sure you visit
They have a lot of budget friendly, good quality products that I’m sure you will love.

Thank me later!
P.s, this post contains PR sample, but that has not affected my opinion or clouded my judgement in the slightest bit.

Till next time
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7 thoughts on “Package from Skin18 – Reviews and First Impressions!

  1. The mask tea mask was probably stinging because it probably had peppermint in it. I like the fox mask but if it was rough, you probably should not recommend it to all. You see my sister has a very sensitive skin and even slightly rough products can aggravate the problem so its best to be careful.
    That was one one long review though;so thorough you are.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂
      The mask, itself, isn’t rough, just the texture of it. And it’s rougher compared to the other because those are too soft. It doesn’t make that big of a difference.


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