Previously on DP Beauty – May 2016 Update (Makeup looks, catch up, and more!)

No right, no wrong, no rules for me! I’m free! – Done with the exams and back into the game!

Behind The Scenes:
I got done with the model (she was my friend from high school), and she looked really good when the makeup was done.
I also got another friend of mine as a client who wanted to get her makeup done for three days. I’m so glad that this is flourishing slowly.

About Those New Year Resolutions:
Fitness Goals = I had my exams and in the last ten days I gained so much weight, it’s ridiculous. The stress and all, I overate.
Beauty goals = I bought some YC’s skin care products. They are working great so far. Also, I recently got some Korean skincare products from Skin18. I love them, you guys. The review will be up very soon.
DP Makeovers Plans = Couldn’t update back to back like before due to exams, but now I’m and back to working hard.
DP Beauty Blog Plans = Couldn’t update frequently due to the exams, but I’m back in the game.


Favorite Beauty Product of the Month:
Makeup Revolution blush – Treat

Bad Beauty Experience:
Foundation problems. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but in Summers my foundation gives me a very hard time. It gets cakey, I sweat a lot, it’s a mess.

Featured Beauty Blogger:
This month featured beauty blogger is Huda. Check out her blog The Lipstickholic!
Absolutely love her blog title and the way she writes her post, a total inspiration ❤

Look Created This Month:

The girl in green is my friend who got her makeup done by me for the page.

Catch Up:

Interview with a Makeup Artist: Pareesa Kehar

Makeup is an art and our face is a canvas.

Imagine someone painting on a bad canvas how’s the result going to be like? That’s exactly how it looks on the face. Your skin plays an important role in makeup. Bad makeup on good skin still looks amazing. But good makeup on bad skin won’t look the same.


#QuickTip: How to Draw Perfect Stripes (Nail Art)

I seriously didn’t know how to name this post. The moment my exams start, I start losing the talent of forming words.
Anyway, this short post is to answer a question by a girl who asked me how the “lines” are drawn perfectly on the nail with a nail polish, since the brush of a nail polish is thicker.


YC Skincare Haul

So, I just realized I didn’t have enough skincare products, and that my skin is getting upset with me, and that I’m broke.

What an eventful day!

Click to read more about the haul!


TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer — Review and Swatch

Meet Mary-Lou Manizer, a seemingly innocent honey-hued luminizer that catches everybody’s eye. This highlighter, shadow and shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow.

Click to read the review!


What do you guys think? Any suggestions. Please make sure to leave your comments below, because they always make me smile.
You can check out last month’s Update here.

Love you all.
Munazza Bangash


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