East Meets West Makeup Trend Transformation (by Lisa Eldridge) — Review as a Pakistani Beauty Blogger

This video! โค “Makeup becomes dangerous when there is only one style and we all have to conform to that, and if we don’t we’re told we’re not pretty and we’re not good enough. That’s when it’s a problem.”

Pic taken as a Screenshot from Lisa Eldridge’s Youtube Channel


For me, personally, I don’t like bronzing up my face that much, because when I do, I get a lot of criticism from my family and friends and honestly, it’s not a personal favorite either.
I like the Asian trend which is bringing light to the face and brightening it up. It really does make on look more youthful, I believe. So, for me, base is a mixture of East and West, because I don’t go that pink toned on my face just to bring brightness. I usually go for warmer base for that is my undertone and it looks the most flattering. But I do tend to go a shade lighter than my skin tone for the brightening effect, and when I do this, the contour doesn’t make my face look dull (and dark), and it just balances everything out.

For sculpting the face, I tend to go more towards the west side. I don’t cream contour but I love to powder contour my cheeks, jawline, nose, and that too, heavily. But I make sure not to use warmer tones for contouring (’cause then it would just be bronzing up the face) because the warmer tones make you look very tan, and the cool tones sort of work like shadows, so I rely more on that.
For highlighting, again I lean more towards the West. Absolutely in love with strobing, in love with highlighting, and overall just in love with the concept of glow. I’m not a fan of the “shine” (east), but the glow looks absolutely stunning (west).

For the eyes, I think both are just different looks. Each good for their own time of the day. The Western look is absolutely stunning for a night time event, and the Eastern eye makeup is actually really good for a day time one. It brings light to the face, brightens up, and overall makes you look more young.
As for the lashes, I think I’m in love with the Western ones. But both look good. almond shaped eyes look stunning, as well as the doe-eyed effect. So, both are equally good.

For brows, I think it really depends on the shape pf your face, and what the person’s choice is. But it is true, the Western trends for brows does make you look more “chalak”, and the Eastern brow trend makes you look more youthful. The Western still looks pretty bomb to me though.

Moving on to the lips. I believe that both are pretty good but like she said, one makes you look more youthful, the other makes you look a bit more of the age. But I think it really depends on the shape of your lips. If you have fuller lips, you can flaunt the Eastern look, but if you have thinner lips (you can still flaunt the Eastern look but), the Western lip trend would be more preferable. I personally love the Western trend, but honestly it really depends on the preference, and in my opinion the Eastern lip trend would look absolutely gorgeous on day to day basis, and the Western one looks great on events.

So, I would say the Western look is more sultry, while I believe the Eastern one looks more “innocent” and youthful. One is gorgeous, the other is beautiful.
What do you guys think?


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7 thoughts on “East Meets West Makeup Trend Transformation (by Lisa Eldridge) — Review as a Pakistani Beauty Blogger

  1. I won’t say I opt for completely eastern or western because I find myself following both of them depending on my mood and condition. One day I will prefer bronzing and the other I would go for brightening, similarly eastern and western lips completely depend on the formula and shade I’m opting for.
    It was an interesting and different post ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    Momina Haseeb @ เน‘ Divine Smudge เน‘

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