#QuickTip: Cheapest Way to Mattify your Nail Polish


I asked my aunt the other day to get me a nail polish remover since she was visiting the mall and I needed it urgently. She got me the cheapest one. It was worth 30 PKR, only. Surprisingly it works like a charm, but since it’s so cheap, it’s very drying on the nails.
But guess what else I discovered?
It can mattify your nail polish.

Jennifer Nail Polish Remover with Conditioner

Isn’t it amazing how the simplest things can get the job done easily? One should always keep it simple.

You Need:

  • Three Nail Polishes (Base coat, the nail color you want, and the top coat)
  • A nail polish remover (preferably cheap)
  • Cotton
Silly18 (Base), Calist (137), Calista (Top), Cotton, Jennifer Nail polish Remover


How it Works:

  1. Apply a base coat (as always). Let it dry.
  2. Apply two coats of the nail color you want.
  3. Once dry. Complete the process with a top coat. (This step is very important.)
  4. Take some cotton and roll it in your hand so there are no weird cotton leftovers, and it’s just a sleek ball. (This step is not needed if you’re using a cotton pad or a cotton ball.)

    (Make sure you do the next step once the nails are completely dry. Not wet, not even tacky. Completely dry.)

  5. Soak the cotton with the nail polish remover just the right amount, and slide it down  your nails softly once. Let it dry, (it takes 5 seconds). Repeat.

You will have matte nails by now, but if you don’t, make sure to repeat step 5. Moving the soaked cotton on completely dry nail each time will result in not removing the nail polish.


And that’s about it. Hope you guys like it! Make sure to “like” and “comment” because that always makes me smile.

Till next time!
Munazza Bangash
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