5 Beauty Questions ANSWERED!

Hello ladies! On 4th March 2016, I let you guys know on my Facebook page that soon I will be having a post up on this blog in which your questions will be featured, and I will answer them for you guys. A lot of you guys asked different questions (all beauty related). So, I will try to answer 5 questions today!

If you would like to ask me anything beauty related, make sure to leave a comment below or on my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Disclaimer: All the answers, tips, suggestions and advises given below are based on my knowledge and experience. I am not a dermatologist, nor have I been to any beauty school. All the information on my blog is either my experience, or what I’ve learned so far.
Furthermore, every person has a different skin type. It’s not necessary that whatever works for me, will work for you. Any injuries, infections, etc, caused by the information provided from this platform will not be my responsibility.

Also, there is a very exciting announcement by the end of this post, so make sure you stick around for that!

With that said, I hope you enjoy this post, and let’s get straight into it!


Syeda Umme Abeeha Rizvi asked, How to keep your skin fresh and flawless?”

The secret to flawless skin naturally is taking care of it not only from the outside, but also from within. Along with skincare (cleansing, scrubbing, masks, etc), healthy intake is necessary. Drinking just the right amount of water, eating vegetables and fruits, these things really help revitalize your skin, and help it remain young and flawless.
Then you have to maintain a skincare routine, stay away from sunlight, etc etc.
To put it simply, there isn’t just one thing that will help you achieve the perfect skin. It’s a process. My three simple tips would be:

  • Healthy intake
  • Skincare routine
  • Knowing your skin

-Healthy intake includes eating fruits, vegetables and drinking plenty of water.
-Skincare is different for every skin type and age. I will be starting a series very soon (InshaAllah!) in which I will describe in detail what skincare routine should be adopted by a certain skin type, and what skincare routine should be adopted by the people of age blah and blah. So, stay tuned for that.
-Knowing what your skin type is can help you know if it’s suitable to apply a certain product to your face, so that you don’t have infections or other mishaps.

So, in my opinion, these three are the most essential steps to the perfect skin, but we do have some sub-steps that I will discuss in the Skincare Series.


Aamna Raja said, “Teach me an easy way to wear winged liner.”

The easiest way to wear a winged liner is to use scotch tape. There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube that can help you with this. I also have a #QuickTip on my blog about this tape method so you can check it out here!

Komal Amjad asked, “How often do I need to wash my makeup brushes?”

Makeup brushes needs to be washed after every single use. I have two reasons for that:

  • Leaving the brushes dirty can cause bacteria, and the bacteria can cause you infection and dry patches. You do not want that trust me. It’s more hygienic to use clean brushes on your skin each time.
  • Using the same brushes over and over without cleaning will not give you the same results. Especially with eye shadow brushes. You need the color off of the brush before you start using it for another look that includes different colors.

#QuickTip: If you’re using only one brush for different colors and you don’t have the time to wash the brush, dip it into water, and swirl it softly on a tissue. This will remove all the moisture as well as the color from the brush, and it will be good to use for a completely different shade.

 Misbah Abbas Bangash said,  “Tell me the best concealer brand.”

Love, I don’t believe in anything being “the best” because what works for me might not work for you, for all of us have different skin types, tones, etc. It would be a complete guess to tell you or anyone what would be the most suitable concealer for them, but I would like to mention five concealers that people are in love with in recent times.

  • Maybelline liquid concealer – this concealer is loved by many professional makeup artists because it’s very lightweight and doesn’t crease.
  • Urban Decay Naked concealer is also loved and appreciated by many MUA’s.
  • Nyx concealer (in jars) – I have used the green one (which is to conceal redness), and I can not begin to tell you how much I love it! I will be buying yellow for under eyes. It is very pigmented, and worth the money.
  • LA Pro Girl Concealers are so popular right now. So, you can definitely give those a try. I know, I will.
  • Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer is also loved by many.

You can also use Kryolan TV paint stick. I think these work beautifully!

Binte Haider Rizvi asked, “How do I remove artificial nails easily?”

Yes. As gorgeous as artificial nails may look when applied, removing them can be a pain. Since many girls use Elfy to stick their nails, it gets even harder to remove them.
The easiest way that I think works best is this:

  1. Dip your nails in warm water for about 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. Dry your hand with a towel.
  3. With the help of the other hand (or any tool like tweezers), pull off the nail from the side.

Pulling fake nail from the side has helped me the most. Any side will do, left or right. But pulling the nail from bottom or top can never be counted as “useful”.

And this is it for the questions. More will be answered in the next month’s post! InshaAllah ❤

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Till next time!
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19 thoughts on “5 Beauty Questions ANSWERED!

  1. I can never imagine using fake nails, the last and only time I used fake nails were when I was 8 and had to play the character of an evil witch in a school play! XD
    Loved your detailed answers and even I couldn’t obsess enough on how important it is to wash your brushes after every use.

    Momina Haseeb @ ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

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  2. i dont use fake nails as it pains while removing them , but if ever i put on fake nails il try ur tip, i can add a suggestion to ur answer when it comes to washing eye brushes its better to wash them ryt after using so that brushes wont dry and leave bacteria on them 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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