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Hot or Not: Nivea Men Aftershave Balm as a PRIMER!

Hot or Not is a new series on DPbeauty in which I will be testing famous internet beauty hacks so that it’s easier for you guys to decide whether you want to use it or not! Every post under this category is going to be quick and to the point.


No, I will not be giving a detailed review related to the balm’s scent or texture, I’m just going to let you know if it’s worth the hype, if it has worked for me, and whether it lived up to my expectations or not.

History: Nivea Men Aftershave Balm in Sensitive has been a favorite alternative for primer for Nikkie Tutorials. She was the one who came up with this crazy idea that an aftershave balm can be used as a primer, saving both money and effort needed to find the perfect primer for your skin. Jaclyn Hill believes that it’s a good product for both dry and oily skin, since she loves it and she has the driest skin, and Nikkie loves it and she has an oily/combination skin type.

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The Hype: It is said to extend the longevity of the foundation since it has glycerin in it. It moisturizes, it primes, it’s just an overall a good product. The main plus is the longevity.

How To: A little goes a long way. You just need a little bit of the product to begin with. Apply it to your face and softly massage your face with it till it gets tacky. You can easily apply your foundation on top of it.

First Impression: As everyone knows this is a men’s product and using it on myself needed some courage. But once I applied it, I felt good. It was moisturizing and felt really good on the face. It smelt like a man, but the scent soon disappeared. What I loved about this the first time was how well my skin felt and how moisturized it was without being greasy. I did feel a difference in my makeup game. The makeup lasted a bit longer than usual.


In the Long Run: Okay, here are my thoughts. All in all it is a good product. More for less if we see the price tag. However, there was a huge drawback for me that made me never use this product again.
This dried my skin out severely. I experienced dry patches on my cheeks and around my mouth. My skin was very itchy. It was horrible. I figured that maybe it wasn’t due to this product so I gave it some time and let my skin heal. I used this again, and didn’t find issues as serious as the first time, but I didn’t really like the results. It just didn’t suit my skin very well.
I have dry to normal skin type, so to test this properly I used it on my sister in law who has oily skin. It worked perfectly for her. Her makeup lasted way longer and overall it was a perfect base.
So, in my experience with this product, it works best for oily skin-type girls, not for me.

Hot or Not: Overall, it’s definitely a HOT! It’s inexpensive and gives great results, but for me, it’s a NOT, for I wouldn’t wanna do this to my skin again. Well, at least my sister in law found a cheap alternative for a great primer, so I’m not totally at a loss.

Hope this month’s Hot or Not gave you some useful information. Please comment below or on my page if you want me to test an internet beauty hack of your choice! I will make sure to be of as much as help as I can.

Would you like to see Lip Contouring tested next month?

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