#QuickTip: How to get Heat-less Curls

This method works best for me and I thought why not share it with you guys!
Disclaimer: I did not come up with this idea. A friend of mine told me about this method way back, and I’ve been using this trick ever since.

All you need is your hair to be made into a flower bun. You can sleep on it over night, or use the method I’ve shared in “How I Make it Work”, later in this post.

The Flower Bun: Comb your hair into a pony (A plastic hairband will be better because it will be easier to just cut it off later.). The pony can be at the back of your head, or on top of the head (if you want the curls to start from you fringes). If you have thin hair, part them randomly into four sections. Or if you have thicker hair, part them into six or eight sections. Take each section of the hair, twirl it around your fingers tightly and pin it to your head with a bobby pin. Once you’re done with each section, your flower bun will be made.

How I make it work: When I have to go somewhere (a wedding or a party), I style my hair into this bun before starting my makeup. After taking the shower, I apply some hair mouse (by Garnier Fructis), and let my hair dry 95%. Then I style my hair into this bun and once the bun is made, I spray some hair spray (I use Nova Gold) for some hold. When I’m done with half of my makeup, I go back and spray some more hairspray on to the bun, and leave it be. Once, the makeup game is over, I remove the bobby pins, cut the plastic hair band, or if I’m wearing a pony, I take it off. Shaking my head from left to right, I let the curls loose, and then run my fingers slightly into my hair and style my hair the way I want.

This method gives me the best result each time and I always get ton of compliments on my hair whenever I use this method. It works best on my short, layered hair.

What is your go to hairstyle? Let me know int the comment section below!

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