#QuickTip: How to Wear the Perfect Winged Liner Easily!

I asked you guys on DPmakeovers page to ask me any beauty questions you have. Many of you responded with you questions. Today, I’m going to answer Aamna Rajaa who asked, “Teach me an easy way to wear liner.”


Tape. You would have seen the trend going that scotch tape helps with creating the perfect winged liner.

Take a piece of tape and first, paste it to the back of your hand to reduce the harsh stickiness. Now, apply the tape to the eye. The place where you’d want your liner to be sharply cut. I prefer to follow my waterline, and go in the direction the waterline would have if it was extended. Just apply the liner the usual way. You can be careless with the wing and it would still turn out to be absolutely beautiful!
I prefer a smudge proof gel liner to do this. My favorite is Maybelline’s Gel Liner.

Here is a look I did using this technique! I got quite a few compliments on the liner.


As for a simple liner, you can apply tape to the upper part of your lid. Close the eyes and starting from the inner-middle part of the eye, join it up to the edge of the tape you applied earlier following the waterline. Just fill it in and you’ll have a great liner ready.

But if you don’t want to use tape, I would suggest you practice. Really. Nobody was perfect from the start. So just practice and never stop because that is the only thing that will make you perfect.

Okay guys! This is it for today. Hope I was of some help. Make sure to “like”, “Comment” and “share” if you liked the post.

Till next time, peeps!
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