My Lipstick Collection – Swatches and Reviews

Hello People! Today I’m here with my lipstick collection, their swatches and reviews.

Disclaimer: I do not own all the expensive lipsticks, since I am a student and on a budget. I also do not own a lot of lipsticks like some people, but I will share my honest views on what I have and hope that the reviews are of some help to all of you
I’m sure that I’m going to use a lot of words repeatedly, like, ‘gorgeous’, ‘beautiful’, ‘absolutely’, ‘creamy’, ‘love it’, and a lot more. So, bear with me.

So, basically, this is my lip color collection. I have scattered all the lip products that I own and love. These include the lip glosses and lipsticks.

Today, I’m going to swatch and review all the lipsticks. I left out all the glosses, because by the end of the last lipstick that I switched, my lips were begging me to stop and the iPad’s battery was dead. (I use iPad to capture the pictures. Just saying.) The lipsticks will be reviewed today.


Let’s get started, shall we? 


MAC 48 Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick Kit – First we have a lip color palette. It says that it’s from Mac, but I doubt it. I’ve never heard Mac launch something like this. I got it from one of the Online Shops of Pakistan way back. I was not going to mention this, but I loved the quality and so I thought that it is inexpensive and good quality. I think I should mention it for all the ladies like me who are on a budget looking for a good dupe!

It consists of 48 colors, most of which look absolutely flattering on the lips. It has nudes, pinks and purples, darks colors. In short, it’s really a whole package. There is a tray of 24 shades, beneath which we have 24 more shades. Each color has a plastic cover of it, and the palette comes with a lipstick applicator brush.
It’s a very creamy formula, very moisturizing on the lips, but I wouldn’t say that these are matte as the packaging claims. Some of the shades are a little oily, which I personally don’t prefer to apply on my lips, but the others look bomb!
I would recommend this palette to all the girls who are on a budget and are looking for something that can help them work any look they want.
P.s, some of the colors would look absolutely gorgeous as a cream blush!
Here are a few swatches.

Availability:  It’s for 1500 PKR. (All the offers have expired but google it and check a few websites, I’m sure you’ll get your hands on it.)



Makeup Revolution Lipsticks – Honestly, these lipsticks are my favorite. I wear them all the time. The deep red one is my all time favorite, the pink one I don’t use that often but it’s still a great color, and the nude is absolutely gorgeous to create an ombre effect with!

They come in black colored casing with the shades visible at the bottom and their titles written on it. I love the packaging, it’s absolutely beautiful. The casing is travel friendly and doesn’t get fall off in the bag.
The lipsticks are creamy and moisturizing but matte! They don’t look and feel heavy on the lips, and glides on very smoothly. Not in Love, which is the pink shade, is not as matte as Propaganda (the deep red one) and Game of Mystery (the nude).
I would recommend this whole-heartedly to everyone who loves makeup and is looking for “not-too-expensive-but-bomb” lipsticks!
Here are the swatches.

Availability: 495 PKR. Easily available at


Makeup Revolution Atomic Shade – This is another red from MUR. I bought this way before the three I mentioned earlier.

Atomic Shade


This is a bright red. Very creamy, a bit oily. Whenever I applied it to the lips, I would notice it transferring to my teeth and just spreading out all over. So I turned this into a lip tint using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, and posted the tutorial on my Instagram.


I’m not a very big fan of the packaging either. The casing falls off easily, it’s not tight enough. The design is basic with the color shown on the cap and the title pasted on the cap. I just don’t like it personally.
Like I said, the texture is very smooth and creamy and little oily. It’s highly pigment and the color is pretty good.
I would recommend this to people who have very dry lips and are looking for something moisturizing. They have a lot more shades in this line so if interested, check it out for sure!
Here is the swatch.

Atomic Shade

Availability: Availability: 225 PKR. Easily available at


Atiqa Odho Real Love AR2 – Funny story! This was one of my very first red lipsticks that I bought and was not very aware of the cosmetics world. So this lady on the makeup counter gives me a tester. A TESTER. She sold me an effing tester. But it worked well and it wasn’t so expensive so I didn’t make a big deal out of it. But, cheating is still cheating.

Real Love

What packaging should I describe if all I got was the tester!
But the formula is pretty good. I love how beautiful it looks on the lips and how smoothly it glides. The texture is very creamy and the result is matte. I love that about this.
I would recommend this to all of you. Seriously. It’s a pretty shade and the lipstick is long lasting and looks beautiful on the lips.
Here is the swatch!

Real Love

Availability: I got it from KDA market.


Becute Lipstick 420 – (That number though)
This lipstick was given to me by a dear friend on my birthday. It is such a beautiful color that looks absolutely gorgeous on fair girls, and the tanned ones can conveniently use it to create that beautiful ombre look.


The packaging is very decent and beautiful. It’s simply a classic lipstick like casing. Simple but very pretty. And it’s travel friendly.
The formula is creamy and smooth, and it gives a matte finish that looks absolutely gorgeous on the lips. I recommend this to all. Becute has one of my favorite liquid lipsticks, glosses and lipsticks. So go ahead and give it a try!
Here is a swatch. I know it looks stupid, but a nude color on my nude hand looks pretty nude. Sorry not sorry.


Availability: It is easily available at Chase Up. That’s where I get my Becute lipsticks from.

That’s it for the lipstick collection! Hope you guys liked this post. If you did make sure to “like” and “comment”. Please let me know if you’d like to see more posts like these in which I share with you my small collections along with reviews and swatches!

Till next time, lovelies!
I love you!

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