January Update – 2016 (favorite product, bad beauty experience, and more!)

Hey all! Yes, I know I have been gone for more than two weeks without notice. I’m sorry peeps! click here (on my personal blog) to read why I was disappeared.

(Btw, my site address has now been changed from “desirablepuritybeauty” to “dpbeauty”.)

Let’s get on with the post.

Behind The Scenes:
The makeover services. Well, most of the month I have been out of town so not much I have to say about behind the scenes, or what goes on behind these makeovers services. All I did was launched a new date I will be taking booking from which was 10th Feb. I’m currently thinking about doing a new Valentine’s day look for both the page and this blog, a nail art would be a plus as well. But let’s see!

About Those New Year Resolutions:
Fitness Goals = just ate a bag of chips.
Beauty Goals = Umm, not regularly or perfectly am I taking care of the skin, but I just scrubbed so yay me!
Makeover service plans = That’s going pretty good so far.
DP Beauty Blog plans = Well, I have been gone for more than two weeks, so for this month I will call it a fail.

Favorite Beauty Product of the Month:
Makeup Revolution Matte lipstick in Propaganda. It’s hands down my favorite red/maroon lipstick of all time

Bad Beauty Experience:
I went to my regular beauty parlor all confident that nothing can go wrong here. Guess what? They had hired a new worker maybe, or I don’t know, they were teaching the girl how to do the brows. Okay, so she did my brows, and she did ’em bad. First, she took forever and ever to get the job done. Second, she kept criticizing the “last parlor” I got my brows done from. She kept pointing out the mistakes they have made when in fact I knew she was trying to cover up her mistakes. And then when I got up unsatisfied and was ready to leave, the owner comes to me, smiles and asks, “She was great, wasn’t she?”
No! She wasn’t. She almost made me brow-bald. This is an effed up world.

Featured Beauty Blogger:
This month’s featured beauty blogger is non other than the sweetest Naba Iqbal from She Corner! Go check out her blog for amazing posts. My favorites are her nail art tutorials.

This Month’s Posts:

2016 Resolution, Beauty Goals and Plans! – I will stay positive in every situation and not let my ego control me. Relations are way more important to me than proving myself right, and worshiping my pride. This is my new year resolution, and I hope I stick to it!

No-Makeup, Makeup Tutorial. (How to look more alive) – An easy, everyday, natural, no-makeup, makeup tutorial for all you beauties out there!

Guest post: “E.L.F. waterproof & Regular mascara duo” Review by “Dudettestalk”– Long-lasting, smudge and smear-proof formula helps you achieve gorgeous lush lashes. One side is regular mascara, but turn over this tube, and the other side contains waterproof mascara so you’re prepared for any occasion, place or type of weather.
Click to read the review!

#QuickTip: How to Look Gorgeous with Minimal Everyday Makeup!– Standardize beauty is boring. Embrace your flaws and be confidence. It’s more beautiful and way sexier than being perfect. Trust me.

Random Haul!– I went to Tariq Road the other day and I had some money in my hands. As I entered the beauty store, my belly fluttered and the heart started beating a little faster. Well, I came back with no money. And this concludes, that I have a haul to share with you guys! *cheers*

#QuickTip: How to Achieve Perfect Ombré Lips – The method to ombre lips is the simple manipulation of shades, perfect blending, and friendly formula and coverage of the products used. Learn the easy way to achieve it.

And that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. What do you want to see next? Let me know!

Till next time,
Love you all!


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