#QuickTip: How to Achieve Perfect Ombré Lips

The method to ombre lips is the simple manipulation of shades, perfect blending, and friendly formula and coverage of the products used.

When it comes to choosing the shades, this is no surprise that you want your lips from light to dark. Dark shade on the outer area, and lighter hue on the inner part of the lips. This gives the lips a very plump and pouty effect. So, what you want to do is line your lips with the darkest of color and blend it inwards. Make sure to leave the inner part of the lips black.

Blending is the key. So, add a lip color as the “transition shade” to melt in with the dark color and the light one (which will be applied later), still leaving a little bit of the inner part of the lips blank. For the inner part, use the lightest shade in your collection. A very nude shade.

#TIP: If you don’t own a nude shade, you can use your foundation. (Sh, don’t tell anyone.)

The best lip products for ombre lips are the liquid lipsticks. Apply a nude shade to the inner part of the lips and press your lips together to blend it all in.

So to conclude.

You need a dark lip liner, a medium (transition shade) lipstick, and nude liquid lipstick.

Line your lips with the dark liner, apply lipstick and complete the lip with that nude liquid lipstick in the very center of your lips. Just a dot to be blended in.

#TIP: Use the transition shade again after applying the nude color for better blending.


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