Random Haul!

I went to Tariq Road the other and I had some money in my hands. As I entered the beauty store, my belly fluttered and the heart started beating a little faster. Well, I came back with no money.

And this concludes, that I have a haul to share with you guys! *cheers*

Here are the things I bought.


  1. Hair Dummy
  2. Hair rollers
  3. Botanics liquid lipsticks
  4. Rimmel Metallic Stars Roller Shadow
  5. Sophia Asley Foundation and Makeup Base
  6. MAC Prep and Prime
  7. L’Oreal Pure Zone (Hydra Pure)


  • The Hair Dummy I got for trying out new hairstyles. I’m a bit unsatisfied as for now. Maybe, I’m new to it, but the hair on its head is very less and thin, and I can’t style them properly. Let’s see what happens.
  • I got some hair rollers that I have put in my sister-in-law’s head right now to try them out.
  • Botanics liquid lipsticks in 04 and 12. These are beautiful colors that looks absolutely gorgeous on the lips and are quite satisfying on their own.
  • The roller shadow from Rimmel is another thing that I was absolutely satisfied while buying and I can’t wait to experiment with it.
  • I have yet to try the Sophia Asley Foundation and Makeup Base. It’s a smoothing primer and have a very gel like consistency.
  • MAC prep and prime, I’m sure is not original for the price I got it for, but eh, let’s see what it does.
  • Loreal Pure Zone is by far my favorite bought! I love it as a moisturizer and a primer.I plan to review it on this blog. Stay tuned.

That’s all I bought! If you want a review to any of these products, make sure to let me know in the comment down below!

That’s about it for today.
Till next time,
Munazza Bangash!
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