November Tag – 8 Scenarios and Questions! (Introducing)

Hi peeps! I love how tags work. It brings together the family of beauty blogging. We get to discover new bloggers and make friends! Today, I’m here with a tag that I created for the month of November.



  • Mention and thank the one who tagged you.
  • Answer all the questions  and scenarios.
  • Tag 10 beauty bloggers to do this tag.
  • Use the hashtag #DP and #NovemberTag. Only because it’s easier to track all the posts by you lovely people out there.  I will, personally, make sure to read, like and comment on all of the November tag posts with these two hashtags. And might even create a post promoting the best tags done by the end of November!

That’s all! I will answer the questions myself before all you guys, so that you have an idea. The questions will remain same for every blogger.

Here we go!

The Questions

~If you could trade your body with someone else, who would you trade it with? Why?

= If I could trade my body with someone else, I would probably trade it with Nikki Bella. I have no idea why. It’s just…oh god, forget my silliness.

~Whose makeup stash would you like to see, use…and well, make it yours?

= Jaclyn Hill’s! I mean, girl, if I get my hands on her stash (Wait, that sounds inappropriate!), I would feel like the queen of this world. I mean, come on! I love her makeup collection. But, at the same time, she motivates me to work hard if I wanna achieve my dreams, so yeah.

~If you were asked to choose only one makeup product from your collection that you could use for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

= If I could use only one product from what I have at the moment in my collection, I would probably choose…my mascara. Yep!

~If you were asked to choose only one makeup company to buy makeup from for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

= I would choose Kryolan. I don’t know. I just would.

~If you could transform completely into someone else from the world of beauty, who would it be?

= If I got to be someone else from the world of beauty, I would turn into Jaclyn Hill. Come on, people, John. Oh I’m just kidding. I just love her, I don’t know.

~A message to aspiring beauty bloggers out there?

= Just be yourself. You don’t have to fall into the footsteps of other beauty bloggers or other people you’re inspired from. Yes, it’s good to have a guideline, but having originality and creativity just takes your blog to the next level.

~Your number one tip for aspiring makeup artists?

I, myself, am an aspiring makeup artist. But the number one thing I’ve learned so far is that some people will be rude as hell and wouldn’t trust you to give your best. My tip is to keep your head high, and don’t let the words get to you. Be nice, yes, but don’t let them rule your work. You’re the makeup artist. If a client tells you what she wants and you know it wouldn’t look good, you’re not obliged to follow her orders. I’m sorry, but saying ‘no’ is the most powerful thing you can learn to do. Also, keep your cool. If you panic, the customer will panic more. And you don’t want that. And lastly, just have fun. When it becomes stress, you know you’re doing it wrong.

~And finally, a message to all the lovelies reading this post.

= Seriously, love yourself. From all the answers I gave above, let me assure you that they were all for fun. I don’t want to transform into someone else, or have someone else’s body. I love the way I am, because I’m myself. And no one can be me as good as I can. So, just be yourself. All of those people you see successful today and you want to be them, just remember one little thing; they worked hard for it. If you work hard at anything you have passion for, you are going to be where they are.

I further tag:

And that’s about it! Make sure to use the hashtags so that I can head over to your blog and support your work. And get a chance to get promoted in this blog by the end of November.

Oh, and stay tuned for another tag post for the month of December. Hopefully, I’ll be more creative by then. Haha! Take care. Love you all ❤

~Munazza Bangash
Desirable Purity

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