11 Things You Did Not Know About Me! (Tag Post)

This blog was tagged by the loveliest Dudette’s Talk and the most talented She Corner! Thank you girls for tagging me. I’ll be quick with the intro and get straight to answering the questions.

This is a tag post in which I’m asked eleven questions that I must answer. I will further tag some beauty bloggers who’d have to answer the questions that I create.

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1. What is the second passion you have besides makeup?

I will not mention all the uncountable things that I can and love to do. I will, however, mention the passion that goes hand in hand with my passion for makeup and beauty. Drum roll please. Oh well, you guys probably already know this. I love to write. I’m a writer. In fact, I’m in the middle of writing a novel and a short story series. You can check out my writer blog here!

2. Makeup is to enhance your beauty or to hide the imperfections?

Neither. Make up is an art. Let’s not limit it. First of all, we should all be comfortable in our skin. If we always use makeup to enhance our beauty and to hide imperfections, we’re going to be dependent on it. Use make up for both purposes, but mostly use make up to show what an artist you are!

3. What is one product you just can’t get the hang of? Or if that’s not applicable, that you cannot stand to use?

I thought long. I thought hard. I can’t think of anything. Sue me.

4. What is the biggest challenge you are facing in the world of blogging?

Time and creativity. I want to provide you guys with original and creative content that you love, and I have a few ideas for great series, but then the time and life gets in the way. And when I have time, the creativity is just gone. Idk.

5. Biggest beauty trend regret?

Drag Queen Makeup. No. Just no.

6. What is one makeup product you wish companies would improve and why?

I think everything we see in today’s world are better than yesterday. I’m sure tomorrow will bring us more great products that we aren’t aware of today. But if today I could wish for something, it would probably be a Pimple disappearator (LOL). I mean, you touch your pimple with it and poof, it’s gone.

7. Do you prefer reading a book or watching TV/a movie?

Depends on the mood. No, I’m not kidding. Both are equally important to me.

8. Which shade and brand of lipstick are you wearing right now?

I’m wearing Vaseline lip balm on my lips at the moment. Does that count?

9. How important are dreams? Do you find them symbolically meaningful/relevant to your life?

I don’t know. I mostly dream about my unfulfilled wishes. Yes, I’m studying psychology. Yes, that was a psychological answer. Yes, I believe in it. (I feel like a nerd.)

10. Who’s someone that inspires you?

Jaclyn Hill for some reason inspires me, if we’re talking about the beauty world. If talking generally, no one inspires me. (Sorry, I’m in a negative mood again. :P)

11. What is it that you do not like about yourself and would like to change?

There are a lot of things I would like to change. My weight probably. I tend to over think, be extremely negative and self destructive. That I would like to change. I don’t like my vampiric teeth. Oh the list can go on.

That’s about it! I’m further tagging these amazing bloggers and hope to read their answers soon to the same questions.

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