Desirable Purity Makeovers

Desirable Purity is launching makeover services to all the residents of Karachi (Pakistan) at best rates in town! So if you have a big day coming up and want to get dolled up beautifully, make sure to get your appointments before the slots are filled.

Authentic products and good customer service is guaranteed!

All the looks I’ve done so far can be seen on the official Facebook page: DPmakeovers and Instagram: DesirablePurity.

Appointments can be taken by messaging me on Facebook or in the comment section below! First three clients fom WordPress get 25% discount! 



1. Party Makeup — Rs. 1000/-

2. Engagement Makeup — Rs. 3000/-

3. Bridal Makeup — Rs. 6000/-

4. Simple party hairstyle — Rs. 500/-

5. Hairstyle with accessories — Rs. 1500/-

6. Wedding/Engagement hairstyle — Rs. 2000/-

7. Dopatta setting — Rs. 200/-

8. Fancy Hijab style — Rs. 200/-

9. Mehndi — Rs. 100/- per side

10. Simple Nail art — Rs. 100/- per hand


1. Party makeover (minimal party makeup, hairdo, nail art): Rs. 1300/-

2. Party makeover 2 (heavy makeup, hairdo, nail art): Rs 1500/-

2. Engagement makeover (makeup, hairdo, dopatta/scarf, nail art): Rs. 4500/-

3. Bridal makeover (makeup, dopatta, hairdo, nail art): Rs. 7500/-

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