My Skin Care Routine

This is going to be a quick post, as they’re supposed to be. Seeing what a fast-paced world is now a days, and acknowledging the fact that no one wants a very detailed post, I’m going to cut the chase and get right into it.

My skin routine is pretty simple, I guess.

Face-wash: I use YC’s facwash every morning for a fresh and smoother skin. It gives me a brighter and a more glowing skin. The only draw, I feel, is the dryness it leaves me with, but that’s easily fixed with next step.

Moisturizer: For face, my favorite moisturizer is Himalaya herbals nourishing skin cream.

For hands I use, Vaseline Healthy White Moisturizer.

Sunscreen: Neutrogena ultra sheer, dry touch sunscreen.

Face Scrub: Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask. It’s the best scrub for me.

Cleanser: Eskinol Naturals Facial Cleanser is my holy Grail. I love it. Use it every night for fresher and cleaner skin.

Lip Balm: Vaseline, without doubt. My love.

That’s about i. If I missed anything, make sure to let me know. Also, share with me your skin care routine in the comment box below. Share your thoughts, plus “like” because that always makes me smile.

Till next time. Love you all!

Munazza Bangash

5 thoughts on “My Skin Care Routine

  1. Love that you take such good care of your skin! Frankincense and tea tree oil are amazing for skin and are all natural too! No nasty chemicals and super soothing. I just added some to a sugar scrub I made and my skin feels smoother and the red tone I used to have is now gone.


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