February Catch Up

*Hides behind a tree.*

I’m so sorry for disappearing like that. But. But. But. Don’t you wanna hear my excuse? I’m thinkin’ of tryin’ out for a scholarship.

LOL, just kidding! But if you understood that reference, and his voice rang through your mind, comment below. I’ll follow you and we’ll be friends forever! 😀

Anyway, So, as you all know if you’ve followed me through Chaos of Life, I’m doing Psychology from the university of Karachi. Psychology with it’s labs, in itself is so complicated. We have to work almost all the time. That not being it, I have two subsidiaries which are, also, very pressuring. Mass Communication and English Literature. With all the assignments, homework and notes to prepare, I think you understand my pain, I’m very busy.

And that’s not it. I have a practicum journal to prepare. My radio show Desirable Purity is starting on FM 90.6 in Pakistan only. But I will post all my recordings here, so don’t worry. Oh, and hey, way to announce something!

I, also, have a novel, if you haven’t forgotten it, that I’m writing and it’s begging for my time. Trust me. And between all that, I have no time to run two blogs. So, I’m sorry! Please, accept my apologies. *Pouts*

I will, however, try to update this blog once a week. That’s a good thing because if you look below at the “Catch Up” for the month of Feb, you’d probably want to kill me. I have three and only three posts up that month.

So, here we go.

I have three posts this month. But don’t count on it, either. It’s probably gonna make you laugh, ’cause one of the three is January catch up.

Stop laughing at me!

Orglow Giveaway — which is now over. Sorry 😀

L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique Blur Cream — Review — Go, now, don’t ask for descriptions.

Desirable January — Trust me, this “catch up” is amazing. I worked so much on it, unlike this one. I’m just tired. 😦

But that’s not it, oh, no, no. I have another blog, Desirable Purity, so I think I can be saved from the lack of posts for the month of Feb.

An interview with the Amazing Victoria Perkins — The author of The Dragon Three and several other  books was sweet enough to give her time to us.

Five Favorite Wattpad Books — Read books for free on Wattpad, but what to choose among so many? I classified a few.

Drama King — Just a rant.

Okay, then, happy to see me? Good. See you next week. Take care! Love you!

Thank god 😀

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