Back to School: Make up routine

Hey guys, and welcome back to my blog! Today, I’m gonna share with you my make up routine. The reason you’re gonna like this, is that this doesn’t wear off, and it’s super natural.

Let’s get to it!

Prep your face!

  1. Moisturize it

Moisturizer! I use: Vaseline Total Moisture, and sometimes, Himalaya’s Skin Care cream.

This is not an essential step for me in summer, but in winter, I can’t live without moisturizer. So, first thing is first, make sure you moisturize your face. The trick is that you should leave it for around ten minutes. You can make yourself coffee or something in that time.

What I do is before next step; I take a tissue and pat my face with it, so that all the oiliness is removed. And that my skin feels naturally moisturized

  1. Protect it

Sunscreen! I use: Neutrogena SPF 50+

Yes! The most important step ever! My skin is super sensitive to Pakistani sun (LOL), but seriously, I get tan so easily. And it’s not your usual pretty tan, no! It makes me look like a tomato. And not just any tomato. A rotten tomato.

Just don’t get me started.

  1. Perfect it

Primer! I use: L’Oreal Paris Magique Blur cream

I love, love, love it. It makes my skin so smooth and stays on for the rest of the day! It looks so natural and pretty. It really makes my skin look perfect.

If you want to apply foundation too, you may do that, but I think you should save that for parties.

Now, a little make up!

  1. Eyes

Liner! I use: ADS’s brown gel liner.

Brown gives your eyes a softer look. But, anyway, I have saved the black one for parties and trips. So, I use and eye liner on the top and bottom eyelid. Do go overboard with this, though. There is a fine line between pretty and fake.

Eyes lashes!

I curl my lashes by giving them a few pumps with my eye lash curler. And then coat them twice with my mascara.

  1. Face

Powder: L’Oreal Paris Magique BB powder

I apply a bit of powder to add a finishing touch to my face. It gives me a nice, airbrushes look. And perfects my skin.

  1. Cheeks

Blush on. I use a powder blush on, but I suggest you use cream blush because, you know, winters.

  1. Lips

MLBB! I line my lips with a very natural lip liner, and then gloss my lips with a very natural, pink gloss. I just love the concept of, “My Lips but Better!”

And that’s it! I cover my head with scarf and head out to university!

Btw, if you want to know about my university life, visit my main blog! Till next time, take care!

Oh, and make sure you “like”, “comment”, “share” and “Follow”, because that always makes me smile!

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