All Mini Haul!

Shh. Let me just say this. Ah-mazing!

Hello, everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m gonna share with you an order I made, and got scolded by mom for it. But, but, but, eventually, I received my order, and my room suddenly turned into a garden, and I danced softly in cool breeze.

No kidding.

I just wanna say beforehand that this is not a sponsored post, and I’m not featuring Everything in here is my own thoughts and opinions. So, let me say this that I’m starting to like very much. Everything in there are deals and at very reasonable prices. Free delivery. They tell you if it’s original or first copy. Also, you can return it within three days if you don’t like it! I think that’s a pretty good deal. But, it’s open for Pakistan only. So that’s that.

And now, on to the haul, shall we?

photo 1 (5)

I took two deals, one was L’Oreal Paris’s  and the other was this very cute brush kit which I needed in my life, obviously. The other, sparkly pouch is not from! It’s actually from a local store. Read on for more!

photo 2 (5)What I got:

1. This Amazing Sparkly Pouch!

photo 3 (3)

This is so cute! I actually wanted a pouch to put my makeup in whenever I go somewhere, and this cute little thing scrams that I’m made for make up! I love it, and I’m so excited to take this with me wherever I go, so when you have to touch up and you pull out this cute, sparkly pouch, it just looks really classy. Also, I got it very cheap. It was, like, 100 PKR, like, 1 dollar. So, I love it.

photo 42. L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB powder:

photo 1

This is a really nice, matte face powder that gives me a natural glow and air brushed look. I actually had a pressed powder, but I thought, it won’t hurt to have two right? I don’t regret it, though. It’s actually two floored powder cakes, with a mirror at the bottom and a sponge. Stay tuned for a review!

photo 23. L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB cream:

This is really a nice bb cream. Actually, it’s starting to become my favorite because it makes my skin look so clean and flawless. It gives me an airbrushed look, tightens my pores and brings a natural glow to my face while staying completely matte. So, naturally, I love 2

4. L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique Blur:

photo 1 (2)

This is also a nice cream from L’Oreal Paris, What I like about this is that it prevents the sunburn and if worn with other sun protections, like, sunscreen, it reduces the danger of skin cancer. So, it’s actually a good skin care product for everyday wear.

photo 3

5. Brush Kit:

photo 1 (3)This, by far, is my most favorite buy ever, and that’s saying something. I love how it looks. It’s so beautiful and honestly, it was the packaging that appealed. Price was reasonable, too, but that’s another story. I just love how it looks, and I do not regret the buy, partly because the gorgeousness of the clutch, and partly because how lovely the brushes are.

photo 3 (2) photo 2 (3)

This is it for today! I hope you liked this haul. If you want reviews to these products, make sure you drop a comment and make my day. Thumbs up if you liked this post, and “subscribe” for more!

Till then, do whatever you please.

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4 thoughts on “ Mini Haul!

  1. Munazza i am about to purchase few deals from , thanks for convincing review i was bit skeptical at first, i mean imagine paying 999 for 15 saloon services ? i normally pay 3000 plus for haircut only.. :S


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