Back to School Series!

Wudd’up, everyone? Welcome back to my blog! It’s Mona, Munazza, Desirable Purity, or whatever the hell you wanna call me, and I’m here with the popular, most amazing series ever! It’s School time! Actually, it’s University time for me, and we have six month semesters, so, I’m probably gonna do back to school series six months later. So all you peeps who start their school in the middle of the year, don’t you worry! I’m here to the rescue!

Isn’t going back to school the most annoying thing ever? You make a resolution that everything is going to be amazing this year, but the moment you step in the school, you realize how everything is still the same…except for the date. And that is so annoying, isn’t it?

But, (yes, there is a but, amazing, isn’t it?) follow me on this “Back To School” series, to make it somewhat bearable. Catch up with me on my morning routines, night routines, breakfast recipes, outfits, make up tutorials, school supply hauls, What’s in my bag, DIY’s and a lot more! It’s gonna be massive this year!

Got ideas for this series, tell me what you wanna see and read! Comment below and I’ll make sure you’re responsible for the next article!

Till then, love you all! ā¤

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