My First Beauty Haul!

31st December, I went to the parlor to get my brows done, and we talked. So, the beautician, after hearing my absolute craze about branded beauty products, told me that it’s mostly the hand and the skill that works. If you know the technique, you can make anything look beautiful. Branded or local.

And I thought she was right to an extent. I mean, there are the parts of skin care and all, but the make up we spend hundred dollars on, we can find the same thing on lower price and still a good result. But that’s just an opinion, and to let you know, I’m still obsessed with branded products, so that’s that.

Hello, everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I have a mini haul to share with you guys! New year special. I will try to review these too, but get an overview here right now! I was just extremely excited for the new year, so to get some peace, I thought, “Why not? Let’s go shopping.” I bought a lot of things, but my favorite of them all was the cheetah print head scarf I bought and the gel liner. I love, love, love it!

So let’s get to it, shall we?
photo 2 (2)

I bought a lot of things, spent around PKR 2000/- Might not be a lot to you, but to my mom…it’s quite a lot! So, that’s that. Here’s a list of what I bought, and fell in love with!

1. Black and brown gel liners. It’s from ADS. I actually wore it today for a gathering and everybody loved it on me. It has such a nice matte finish. comes with two brushes. And I fell in love with it. The thing is that it’s such a great product on such little price.

photo 3

2. Hashmi Surmi. Okay, so I ran out of it and I bought it. If you don’t what that is, stay tuned for a review! 🙂

3. A mascara. So, the uncle said that it’s brush was amazing,and I believed him. And it turned out to be the best mascara brush I’ve ever used. Review coming soon. 🙂 Oh, and if you want a tutorial for the nails below, Click me!

photo 4

4. Two sets of fake eye lashes, and lash glue. Yep! ’cause I love dramatic eyes. 😉photo 2

5. Hair pins, scarf pins. Pretty self explanatory.

6. plain little thumb ring. It was for PKR 10/- I couldn’t resist the loot. 😀photo 5

7. Baby wipes. Because I gotta have me some care, right? Oh, and I’m loving this so much. It has such a nice feel, scent and it just makes my skin so 1

8. Cheetah print head scarf. This was by far my most favorite buy. I just love it, and it compliments me so much. Wanna have a look?

photo 1 (2)

9. Random flower hair bands to place over scarf. Look above. I’m wearing on my scarf. Cute, right?

10. Some laces to be used as under scarf caps. They look so cool under the scarf, on your forehead, everybody wonders wear you get those, but they’re actually laces. Simple and easy DIY. I love it.


So, that’s that! I hope you enjoyed my first ever beauty haul. For more, make sure to “Like”, “Comment” and “Subscribe” because that always makes me smile.

photo 3 (2)Till then, take care, beauties! Love you all!


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