Metallic Pink, Sparkling nails!

Hey, peeps! Welcome to my first ever nail art tutorial! I’m so excited. Let’s get to it, shall we? Han? Han? *Winks*

Okay, then. This is the final result, obviously. To know more, make sure to read and “like” it!

photo 5 (3)

Things Needed:


1. Transparent top coat.

2. Nude/pink nail color.

3. Metallic silver/golden nail color.

4. Nail art polish.

5. Scissors and tape.


Apply a transparent coat on your nails. Like so. I’ve used Marlin 136

photo 1

Once dry, apply the pink/nude (whatever suits you) color. I have used Made Love 1136

photo 3photo 2

Once dry, cut your tape so that it covers almost all of the nail, leaving a strip in different geometrical arts. Look below!

photo 5 photo 4

Fill in your metallic silver or golden. I’m using Tony and Tina. Make sure to paint your nails in the direction of your strip.

photo 1 (4)Wow! It looks ugly!

Anyway, Move on, let it dry and peel off the tape. Be careful, you don’t want your base to come off.

photo 2 (4)Right now, it looks so messy! But, trust me with the final step.

Now, color the top of your nails with the same metallic nail polish. Like so,

photo 3 (4)And now the final step. Coat it with your favorite nail art coat. It’s amazing how it changes the whole look. Check it out below: I used Glamorous Face 68

photo 4 (3)And that’s it. Easy and cute!

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Love ❤

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